Different people handle boredom differently, but most of us use music or follow the news to stay updated. Music calms the soul, brings back good memories, and entertains. On the other hand, news helps us stay connected as it ensures that we can always have something to talk about. In this era of technology, you can easily listen to music online and follow news via social media or notifications. However, the issue with using your phone to access music or news is you must have a well-functioning internet connection. What do you do when you are in a place where you can’t access the internet? In such a scenario, you need a portable radio. This article will discuss everything you need to know about portable radios to help you choose the right one for you.

Benefits of a portable radio  

A portable radio is a radio device that can be transported easily from one place to another. As technology advances, so do portable radios' features and the number of options.

Even if radios are not as popular as they were once, millions of people still use them. Some of us use the radios while traveling, in the household, or during hikes. Having one comes with several benefits, which include:

You can use a radio without an internet connection

When there is a power outage, your internet connection will probably disconnect. Without power, you can’t watch TV or enjoy social media. Having a radio at a time like that could save you from boredom. Use it to listen to your favorite songs and catch up with the news.

They come with Bluetooth

You can easily find a portable radio with Bluetooth because some of them come with a Bluetooth connection. With this connection, you can connect your phone with it and listen to the radio, saving your phone's battery.

They are affordable

Compared to smartphones and other electronics, portable radios are way cheaper. You get to save a few bucks and still listen to your favorite music while staying updated with the news.

SANGEAN WR-7 comes with Bluetooth

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Radio

These days there are hundreds of portable radios, and choosing the best portable radio is not always easy. No need to panic, though. We will show you the factors to consider when choosing a portable radio so you can choose the one that suits you the most. Remember, what could be best for you could fail to be the best for your friend. Therefore, only choose something that makes you truly comfortable. Here are the key factors you should always consider when choosing a portable radio.

Portability of the radio

Most AM/FM radios are portable, but their portability varies from one radio to another. Generally, the size of the radio determines its portability. For that reason, keep the size of the radio in mind while purchasing one. If you want to buy a radio that you can use while on a hike, choose a radio that can fit in your pocket. You can choose a larger one but get a belt clip or carry handle, making it easy and convenient to carry the radio wherever you want.


If you want to get a radio that you can use on the road, you should consider obtaining a waterproof one. A waterproof radio is made in such a way that it does a considerable job of keeping moisture out of the radio sections that are susceptible to water. Such radios can be immersed in water for a set period of time, and they will not experience serious harm. With such a radio, you may use it during walks, and even if it rains while you are there, it will not get harmed.

a SANGEAN waterproof radio

Power option

Some portable radios use rechargeable batteries. Make sure that your preferred radio has batteries with reliable life to ensure they last for a long time, avoiding going off when listening to your favorite programs. Ensure that the type of batteries the radio uses is available in the market and consider buying extra batteries. Alternatively, you can buy one that is charged via solar, so you don’t need to buy new batteries every now and then. 

Get a radio you can use during emergencies

Even if most radios can be used even when there is a power outage, most still need a battery to run. So, what do you do when the radio runs out of battery? Well, you could consider getting a hand-crank radio, a radio that you can use to get weather alerts, and more.

Appearance and model

We are different, and various people have unique tastes and preferences. What might be perfect in my eyes could fail to be perfect in your eyes. For that reason, choose a model that pleases your eyes. You can choose the vintage or contemporary look.

Sound quality

Since you will be using the radio to listen to music, the quality of the audio is vital. You can test the sound quality of the radio in the electronic shop you buy from or read reviews from people who have bought the radio online. Before purchasing the radio, make sure that its audio quality is top-notch so you can enjoy your favorite programs without issues. Additionally, ensure that the radio has an adjustable antenna. An adjustable antenna ensures that you can receive channels more clearly.

Speaker or earphone

Some portable radios come with earphones you can use to listen to programs without disturbing others. Still, they have speakers that make it possible to listen on loudspeaker. Ensure that both the earphones and the speaker are fully functional before purchasing the radio.


Even in the 21st century, thousands of people still listen to the radio. Radio offers the listener the comfort of listening to their favorite programs without having to use the internet and enjoy music without a premium subscription. Portable radios are the most common in the market, and while you can buy one from your nearest electronic shop, shopping online is a very convenient option. SANGEAN is an electronic shop that sells electronics of all kinds, and you can get quality and affordable portable radios from SANGEAN.