The modern world is stressful, and we need every help we can get to keep calm. There are stressors everywhere, from school, work, and when you go on social media thinking it’s where you will find peace, you just find chaos and more stressors. Sometimes you just want to escape and live alone in a forest, but we all know that won't happen. Therefore, the next best thing we can do is learn to calm our stresses by embracing things that give us peace of mind.

Throughout centuries, music has always been therapeutic. That’s why many people are ever listening to music, whether through loudspeakers or with earphones. Over the last few years, more people have started realizing the benefits of under pillow speakers. These speakers come with a Bluetooth connection, and they allow you to listen to music while you fall asleep, providing a calm and relaxing environment. If you are thinking of getting yourself a speaker and don’t know how to go about it, this article is for you.

What is a Pillow Speaker?

Pillow speakers are pillows that come with built-in speakers. However, sometimes one can buy separate speakers and place them on the pillow or underneath it. These pillow speakers can be connected to a wide range of devices. Mostly, they are used to listening to music, but that does not mean you are restricted from listening to podcasts or even online lessons with them. Many health professionals have been recommending these speakers as they can help you with sleep, and they are suitable for almost everyone.

a SANGEAN pillow speaker is on the bed

What are the Benefits of Pillow Speakers?

You can get a pillow speaker from any electronics store near you. Getting one comes with several benefits. These benefits include:

Improves sleep

A lot of people struggle with insomnia because of different reasons. Regardless of the cause of your insomnia, listening to calming music right by your ear can help eliminate the outside noises, providing a calming effect that increases your chances of catching some sleep.

Pillow speakers do not disturb your partner

Unlike listening to music with a loudspeaker, you will not disrupt your partner's sleep when listening through pillow speakers. You will enjoy the music on your own, and your partner will enjoy their silence. You can find some affordable electronics from SANGEAN, including pillow speakers.

They can help reduce symptoms of depression

Using pillow speakers has been a great source of sound therapy for people struggling with depression and anxiety. Sound therapy provides a state of relaxation, and it is an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression. Having sound therapy right by your bed will be like meditation since you will be in a mode of relaxation while falling asleep.

SANGEAN pillow speaker

Factors to Consider When Buying Pillow Speakers

Over the years, manufacturers of pillow speakers have increased. While they all do their best to provide customers with the best quality, some are better than others. To make your work easier when you walk into the electronic store to buy a speaker, here are some factors you should be on the lookout for to choose the best pillow speakers:

Sound quality

It goes without saying that the essential thing about sound devices is their sound quality. If the sound quality is poor, you don't even need to buy them because instead of providing a relaxing atmosphere, it will only cause distraction.

Volume control

Make sure that the volume up and volume down control works perfectly. Generally, since you will be using the speaker in your bed, it should be able to register a volume of 90dB to 120dB. Make sure the volume control buttons are within your reach.

Frequency response

The speaker's frequency response is vital as it can be used to measure the output spectrum of the speaker in response to a certain stimulus. For a rule of thumb, the frequency response of your pillow speaker should be between 20 and 100 Hz. Ideally, the frequency response should be lower than 20,000 Hz.

The type of pillow speaker

While all the pillow speakers you can get from an electronic shop serve the same purpose, they are available in different types. You can get yourself an under-pillow speaker that is placed under the pillow, an anywhere pillow speaker, which can be placed anywhere near the pillow, a small portable speaker, which is often perfect for traveling, or a memory foam with a built-in speaker which is a pillow that comes with its own speakers.

Where Can I Buy a Pillow Speaker?

If you are wondering where to buy pillow speakers, you can buy them from a computer store or an electronic store near you. Alternatively, you can buy pillow speakers online. There are many stores that sell pillow speakers online, and you need to be careful where you make your purchases because some stores online are not even credible. Lucky for you, you can find affordable electronics at SANGEAN.

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