WFR-28CInternet / FM-RDS / USB Network Music Digital Radio

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Product Introduction

The ultra-compact WFR-28C is an internet radio that is fully portable and delivers sound beyond its size. It has built-in digital EQ settings for pop, rock, classical, news, movie as well as separate bass and treble controls to adjust the sound to your individual taste. The radio delivers a solid listening experience, complete with external telescopic antenna for clear FM reception. Add to that the ability to listen to over 15,000 internet stations worldwide, including the ability to stream your favorite channels on Spotify. 

The WFR-28C is DLNA 1.5 compliant, supports dual frequency 5 GHz / 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi routers and plays music stored on your computer or from a USB drive. MP3, AAC, FLAC and WMA files will be played flawlessly through the high quality speakers.The advantage of the WFR-28C is that this radio has an integrated charging circuit. This means that the (rechargeable) batteries are recharged by the radio itself. You do not need a separate battery charger for this.


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