Discover SANGEAN, the leader in electronics, its design philosophy, its global strategies, and its commitment to sustainability. spoke with Huiching Hsiao, Senior Marketing at SANGEAN. This Taiwanese nugget, founded in 1974, has established itself as an undeniable force in electronics, particularly in the design and manufacture of radios.

Here, we explore SANGEAN's core values, its products, its unique position on the global market, and its dedication to a more sustainable future. In this interview, we learn about the fascinating story of a Taiwanese electronics giant and its drive to push forward the boundaries of innovation and industrial design.

Hello and thank you for your time. Could you introduce SANGEAN to us?

SANGEAN Electronics Inc is a multinational electronics company incorporated in Taiwan that’s been a leader in designing and manufacturing radios, speakers, and more since 1974.


How would you describe SANGEAN's philosophy when it comes to designing and manufacturing radios?

As a company, we are committed to delivering products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers: we listen to them and innovate boldly. From the early days of transistor radios to the cutting-edge technologies of today, we ensure that every beat resonates with pure delight and brings a smile to our customers’ faces.

What are the different products that SANGEAN currently offers on the market?

Generally, it can be divided into three categories: desktop, portable, and utility. These types are differentiated, however, based on their functions.

What are the main features that distinguish your radios from others on the market?

SANGEAN insists on bringing our customers the best - from our materials to our industrial designs. Our products have also been rewarded with the IF Product Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Award and many others. Our customer service is something that distinguishes us from others too, as we show our appreciation by prioritizing the needs of all our customers.

What is SANGEAN's position in the global radio and receiver electronics sector? 

SANGEAN was founded in 1974. In other words, our quality has been proven to be reliable for half a century. When the ATS-909 was launched, it became an instant hit due to its unparalleled reception quality. What is SANGEAN's position in the global market? 

SANGEAN 40th Party

What is SANGEAN's position on the global market?

It's safe to say when customers are looking to buy a radio, our name will pop up.

How does SANGEAN manage its international policy? What is your strategy for expanding and maintaining a presence in world markets?

SANGEAN pays close attention to market trends, product research, and feedback from customers. In addition, we have maintained close and friendly relationships with all SANGEAN partners. Furthermore, we actively participate in international exhibitions to show off our product strengths and communicate with multinational customers. We have leveraged all possible channels and ways of collaboration to strengthen our marketing in various regions, as social platforms have grown.

Could you tell us about the employee profiles that SANGEAN generally looks for? What skills and qualities are you looking for in a potential employee?

We believe our employees are the most essential building blocks to our success. We strive to attract top talent and create a great workplace where people feel engaged and challenged. Anyone who is creative, forward-thinking, and looking for a rewarding career to make an impact on the world will have what it takes to succeed at SANGEAN.

How do you approach the new need for employees to find meaning and well-being at work? 

As we mentioned earlier, we value and encourage the creativity and innovation of our staff. Our hope is that they will be able to achieve success through their work, not only for the company but also for themselves. We care about their physical and mental health, as well as the working environment we provide, we have been working with some hospitals and have medical staff stationed here regularly.

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Can you tell us about the social and environmental causes SANGEAN supports and how this is reflected in your business practices and products?

There will be a Beach Cleanup this year! With the rising awareness of environmental protection, SANGEAN hopes to contribute to this society. What’s more, our products follow principles that promote socially beneficial, economically viable, and environmentally appropriate forest management. On top of that, SANGEAN has worked hard to reduce packaging materials and create longer-lasting products.

How does SANGEAN integrate sustainability into its production chain and what are your objectives in terms of reducing environmental impact?

Our packaging is FSC-certified and we are always trying to reduce as many plastics and unrecyclable materials as possible. Our new building will also be LEED Gold certified.

What are SANGEAN's future plans? Are there any new products or technologies you are currently working on?

We’re continuing to monitor the market trends and are keeping our eyes on that feedback. It will be SANGEAN’s 50th anniversary next year, and we’ll launch our special edition, so stay tuned!

How do you see the future of radio and how does SANGEAN intend to adapt to these potential developments?

The trend for radios is shifting towards multifunctional devices that go beyond traditional radio functionality. Basic features such as Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming are in high demand, and there is an increasing expectation for radios to have live streaming capabilities in the future.

How does research and development (R&D) play a role in innovation at SANGEAN?

Our research and development (R&D) department plays a crucial role in driving innovation at SANGEAN. Within our product development, we also have various teams specializing in technology integration, software development, mechanical engineering, and industrial design innovation. By investing heavily in R&D, SANGEAN aims to create the most innovative products, while integrating emerging technologies, to create the best product possible.

And lastly, what are the 3 places in Taiwan that you would like to promote?

I'd say Taroko National Park (Tianxiang Station), Jiufen, and Sun Moon Lake. 

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