Even though you can prepare for severe weather, you need a handy tool that is vital for emergencies. However, we can't rely on our phones for information or news. They need cell towers, networks, and infrastructure to communicate, which are highly susceptible. The vulnerability comes from threats such as power outages, solar flares, and storm-toppled cell towers. This is where a weather radio comes in; don't let disasters take you by surprise. Let's look at a complete guide about these devices.

What is a weather radio

It is a specialized receiver designed to get public broadcast service, especially from government-owned stations. These stations are meant to broadcast National Weather Service reports and weather forecasts. Moreover, it is equipped with a standby alert function. Therefore, suppose the receiver is tuned to another band or is muted, and there is severe weather breaking news, it sounds the alarm automatically and switches on to a pre-tuned weather station for information. 

Besides broadcasting earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions, these radio services may also provide information about terrorist attacks, technological alerts like chemical releases, nuclear power plants and oil spills. Generally, it uses FM to transmit updates in a pre-allocated very high frequency (VHF) range.

Types of weather radio

Weather receiver is sold in two varieties, that is: stationery and portable.


Portable radios are designed to offer special features that are more useful in case of an emergency. The only important thing to consider is how to power this piece. The most convenient way is using batteries, and the units are always smaller. Besides electricity and batteries, some models use crank power. 

Another thing to note in this model is that it does not have the SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) alert type coding. 

However, it is suitable for explorers and hikers, seeing that easier to carry around. Some pieces feature a built-in flashlight, cellphone charger, multiband, and two-way communication ability.


Stationary has a key feature which is automatically receiving alerts. You will always receive life-threatening information at any time of the day or night. For this reason, you can take action before it's too late! Ensure you choose the one with a power backup. Lastly, this radio is perfect for your office or home.

Best weather radio to buy 

Here are our top weather receivers available in the American market. 


When it comes to MMR-88, these are the features you will like:

Backup power

It's obvious you can't expect power in severe weather. Despite this, the device has multiple powering on options, including rechargeable batteries, solar panel charge, hand crack, etc. 


You know how dark it is if you have spent time in the wilderness or in a town during a blackout. The device is equipped with a flashlight. It helps you to see and keep calm. 

Mobile charging 

No need to worry in case your mobile phone charge is low. The receiver allows you to power up using a USB. 

MMR-88 is a popular AM/FM crack weather device. It has three charging modes, including hand crank, solar power, DC in (Micro USB B Type), and rechargeable lithium battery. Moreover, the loud emergency buzzer and illumination lamp provide additional functionality during bad conditions. This hand-held size receiver has a DC out for charging a phone or MP3 player, DC In, and comes with a USB cable and hand strap. Get MMR-88 here. 


If you are looking for a medium-size rechargeable weather radio, PR-D9 might be the best option. It features a beautiful white design with a blend of dark gray buttons. Furthermore, it comes with stylistic public alerts and SANGEAN emblems. The small LCD backlight display screen and the green power button make the radio look classy. But what's more valuable is the inside, as it has a powerful speaker, 19 preset stations, Auto scan tuning, red light with an emergency siren, and a dual alarm. You can also adjust the display brightness thanks to its adjustable dimmer. With the PR-D9, you will never miss any of the 7 NOAA weather channels. 


DT-800 is a pocket-size weather radio that you can carry around for your everyday endeavors. It comes in two colors which are yellow and dark gray, that can match various aesthetics. The DT-800 receives all 9 NOAA weather channels making it the perfect receiver for emergency alerts. Once you set your eyes on this gadget, you will notice that it has a simple yet stylish design. It comes with a powerful speaker for enhanced sound quality. Furthermore, it comes with a small LCD backlight display that shows you all the important information. If you don't wish to put it into the pocket, then the belt clip will come in handy. With the dynamic bass boost and soft mute that reduces background noise, you are ensured of quality audio quality. The battery power indicator reminds you to recharge, especially when you plan on going out, so as to stay up to date on the alerts.


A weather radio can be found in many places like hospitals, schools, airports, grocery stores, churches, recreational centers, offices, and other public areas. If it's important to have the devices in those areas, then it is a must-have for your home. 

Are you looking for a weather radio? SANGEAN has been a reliable manufacturer since 1974. Our products feature the latest technology to make your experience better. In addition to that, we are certified to produce and consume electronics. In addition to that, we pride ourselves on offering emergency preparedness solutions for your loved ones. To check some of our best weather receivers or get a quote, reach out to SANGEAN.