COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we interact with technology. Media consumption remained at an all-time high during the pandemic restrictions resulting in increasing reliance on information technology to get in touch with the outside world. The "new normal" that has followed the Post-Pandemic is the age of information technology and radio taking center stage in all this. The radio played a vital role during the COVID-19 pandemic in providing critical information, thereby saving many lives.

Amid the various options available for consumers, like streaming platforms and smart TVs, people have turned to radio for authentic news, broadcasting alerts, warnings, and advisories. It is the right time to invest in a new radio to be prepared in case of any unfortunate event. While hunting for the new radio, look at the SANGEAN's MMR-99. It is worth a try.


Why Radio?

Radio quickly adapts to the situation and starts leading the broadcasting industry from the front whenever there is a crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic was no exception. Once again, radio proved to be the only authentic medium for informing and educating the population at the community levels. What makes radio king of the information technology sector?

Round The Clock Broadcast

Radio is available 24/7 and has remained a constant feature throughout generations. Like a most reliable friend, it is just a push away whenever you need it, no matter the time of the day. The world was turned upside down by the pandemic. Radio brought comfort and familiarity to the population stuck inside their homes around the clock.


69 percent of the weekly radio audience listens to it outside their homes. This is the device people love to take with them or access when outside. This makes it the most advertising-friendly medium in modern days. It is enough to prove how portable radio is.

Broader Reach

Among broadcasting mediums, radio has the broadest reach. More than 244 million American adults listen to the radio, making it the most widely listened to medium. The radio audience is very diverse, making it the favorite marketing choice. It allows businesses to reach the largest consumer market without compromising their targeted preference.

Trust Deficit on News Channels

Due to alleged state-sponsored propaganda, trust in national and international news channels has declined. When talking about trust, radio is the most trusted source of news and information among all the broadcasting mediums available. Why? Because it is local, live, and listener-oriented. It provides you a dose of your favorite music and chunks of local news and information vital for survival during the crisis.

Local News

Radio is an essential source of local information. It provides local news about the weather, traffic, sports, community events, and festivals. During the pandemic, radio stations provided authentic information to their listeners about the local resources available at their disposal. It was the only source of local news, while national media was focused on bigger news stories.

Radio Can Save Lives

When a calamity hits, the first thing it affects is communication. The damage to electricity grids and communication infrastructure leaves with nothing but radio. It can be operated without electricity, making it the most important means of communication during disasters.

SANGEAN MMR-99 on the table

Radio for Outdoor Adventures

Recent times have taught us that life is unpredictable. Crazy weather events to global pandemics have made it abundantly clear to be prepared to maximize your chances of survival. An emergency can hit you anywhere, whether staying at home or traveling on the road.

The possibility of being surrounded by unfavorable circumstances during an outdoor adventure is even higher. It is logical to be a little extra prepared while leaving for hiking or spending a night in the wilderness. Nothing can beat the importance of radio in your survival kit.

So, next time you go outside, don't forget to bring your MMR-99 radio with you. And why is that?

Survival Communication

While in the wilderness, there is no surety of mobile coverage. But it will not stop you from receiving critical emergency broadcasts. Your radio will make sure you are updated on severe weather, a forest fire, or an unnatural disaster. With accurate real-time information, you can adjust your plans accordingly. Radio is your best bet for external communications while strolling through the wilderness or camping in the forest.

Multi Functionality

Radios today are equipped with many different features. Strong batteries with solar charging panels ensure you don't run out of juice during your outdoor adventure. Some radios act as power banks to recharge your smaller devices such as mobiles. An emergency light, digital display, recording function, charging output for smaller devices, Bluetooth, clock, and alarm are packed inside a single rugged body. The functionality is unlimited for modern radios to make sure you are well prepared to deal with any unusual situation.

Largest Coverage Area

Radio has the broadest coverage area. You may run out of mobile signals during your hiking but not for radio coverage. So, while taking a trip through the forest, your best bet is a radio to stay updated. COVID-19 has no signs of subsiding anytime soon. It has opened doors for future pandemics too. We have to adapt to the Post-Pandemic new normal. We have to be prepared. It is essential to invest in a product that never lets you down when a calamity hits.


SANGEAN's MMR-99 Radio is the device you can trust in your odd circumstances. It is packed with all the necessary features and some more. Its portable design and rugged build make it a perfect device for your outdoor camping adventure. If used properly, the radio can save lives.