There are various varieties of Retro series available right now. As the technology underlying their advances, it is becoming more and more popular. The RA-101 is the most stylish but potent portable radio you've ever owned, and it’s part of the new SANGEAN Retro range.

Below you will find information about when to use it, how to use it, and the fun of owning your new SANGEAN RA-101 radio. The RA-101 is developed with new features better than others such as long-lasting inbuilt rechargeable batteries, wireless antennae, aux-in, and Bluetooth.


The new SANGEAN RA-101 is appropriate for use in situations like,


Dance and music work well together in this way. Using your SANGEAN retro RA-101 to play music while dancing can help you to relax and become more flexible so that you can move with ease. This relationship between music and dance is so profound that it is even one of the most sacred of all expressions.


Respecting the quiet times at your campsite is crucial while playing music when you're camping. You must turn off any loud equipment, such as speakers or generators, and stop creating loud noises at your campsite during the designated quiet hours. Then you'll get greater service from your new SANGEAN Retro RA-101 radio.


Your new SANGEAN Retro RA-101 radio will keep you updated with news and music of your choices by a reliable, long-lasting battery 24/7 for your daily delight..


You'll remember things more clearly if you listen to music while working on your new SANGEAN Retro RA-101. By stimulating the hippocampus, the part of the brain that manages memorization, music helps us remember things.

RA-101 black is on the table


It is advised to adhere to the directions to properly operate the new SANGEAN RA-101.

  • Bluetooth streaming music listening to the first pairing and use of your Bluetooth device
  1. To select the BT (Bluetooth) mode, turn the Mode knob. When the radio is discoverable, the LED indicator will blink blue.
  2. To connect to the radio, turn on Bluetooth on your device following the instructions in the user manual. Choose the "RA-101" device from the Bluetooth device list after finding it. You might need to enter the passcode "0000" with some mobile handsets that have Bluetooth devices that are older than BT2.1.
  3. A confirmation tone will ring once the connection has been made. The blue LED signal will not change. You may easily choose and start playing any song on your source device. Either your source device or the radio itself can be used to control the volume.
  4. To explore and pause music, utilize the controls on your Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Disconnecting your Bluetooth device

To break the connection with your Bluetooth device, turn the Mode knob to a mode other than Bluetooth mode or turn off Bluetooth on your Bluetooth device.

  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS) functionality

A feature that enables wireless connections between devices is called true wireless stereo (also known as TWS). Your RA-101 and another RA-101 can be wirelessly linked so that music can be played simultaneously through both speakers.

Note: The Bluetooth device cannot be paired to either speaker until the TWS connection between the 2 units are established. (Same procedure applies to every connection) 

  1. Turn the first speaker's Mode knob to BT (Bluetooth). The blue LED signal will flash.
  2. Next, turn the second speaker's Mode knob to TWS. Additionally, the blue LED indicator will flash.
  3. When the TWS is linked correctly, a confirmation tone will play after a brief interval. On the second speaker, the blue LED indicator will not change.
  4. Next, link the primary speaker to the Bluetooth device. A confirmation tone will ring when the device is connected, and the blue LED indication will stay lit.
  5. To make the linked Bluetooth device's playback more user-friendly, the volume control is synchronized between both speakers and the transmitting device when adjusted.

Note: The volume setting of one speaker is reflected on the other.

Not all player software or hardware may respond to every one of these controls. When using two speakers, you can change the audio mode by click through the Volume knob. When the dial's entire circumference is illuminated by the indicating backlight: It is in MONO mode for speakers to play identical sound. When the indicating backlight on the dial flashes three times in half-circle (Left or Right) around the dial, it shows which channel (L/R) is currently being assigned to under Stereo mode between the two speakers.

  • Disconnecting TWS connection

To disconnect the TWS, turn the Mode knob to any mode other than the one it is in now.
The dimmable backlight around the tuning scale dial can be controlled by the volume knob by press and hold it for 2 seconds followed by rotating in both directions. Press and volume knob again to validate the adjustment.



  • True wireless stereo with TWS support

For stereo sound or as a speaker extension for multiple rooms, the new SANGEAN Retro-101 supports TWS dual speaker pairing.

  • Top-notch sound

The basic antique dial control panel and acoustically tuned veneer hardwood cabinet are designed to be impressive.

  • FM wireless external antenna

In a bad position for a reception? Not to worry if the reception isn't good, connect the wire antenna.

  • Aux-in for additional audio input

Do you own any tech that isn't Bluetooth-compatible? With a 3.5-meter cable, you can listen to music from any source without issue using the aux-in connection. 

  • Type-C charging cord

When you travel with all of your devices, you can now bring less cable. For nearly all of your gadgets, one cable is plenty.

  • Wireless streaming

For the best enjoyment with playlists from Spotify, iTunes, or other platforms, external Bluetooth-enabled devices can be effortlessly paired.


Giving its users access to additional capabilities that are not otherwise available on other SANGEAN Retro series is the key draw of the SANGEAN RA-101. The RA-101 is made of wood with a faux leather covering, and it has 3 straightforward tuning dials for switching between modes. For its audience, the passive speaker calibrated reproduction creates a heart-pounding sonic experience. When mono sound no longer satisfy your cravings? You can pair up with another RA-101 using the built-in TWS feature to enjoy stereo sound with your favorite songs or to share your music with someone in a different room. The RA-101 boasts a 19-hour playtime on a single full charge so you can dance the night away since music never stops!