There’s no time like the summer to reconnect with nature and start to spend more time outdoors. The weather is warm, and your schedule is available for more activities with longer days and holiday weekends on the horizon. 

Looking for more ways to enjoy your time outside? Consider these three ways to get the most out of your time in the outdoors with SANGEAN. Featuring the SANGEAN U4X Ultra Rugged Dustproof and Waterproof Digital Radio, perfect for beach outings, pool parties, and every day under the sun. 

Getting the Most Out of the Outdoors with SANGEAN

Add to Your Outdoor Experiences with an Outdoor Boombox

Consider all the activities you love to do outside—whether your family loves camping, barbecuing, beach days, picnics, or parties, adding music to your outdoor experiences is a great way to level up your days, especially in the summer. 

With an outdoor boombox that has high sound quality, you can experience thrilling bass-thumping tunes perfect for dancing or relaxing background noise that blends in beautifully with the crackles of a campfire. It isn’t hard to imagine how much of an improvement a good speaker will bring to your summer fun!

The SANGEAN U4X has Bluetooth and AUX capabilities, so you can take the battery-powered radio along for the ride and show off your favorite playlists. The U4X also has both DAB+ and FM radio capabilities if you prefer to listen to the radio for your summer outings. 


A Speaker to Help Throw the Outdoor Party of the Season

The perfect party necessitates the use of a speaker or sound system to set the mood and entertain your guests. In sunny weather, a capable outdoor speaker is a must. Outdoor, water-resistant speakers with amazing audio quality typically come with a higher price tag, but the SANGEAN U4X is the perfect speaker for outdoor events. With the help of its dual-core speaker, the U4X achieves more decibels of sound while using less energy. 

Additionally, the SANGEAN U4X supports TWS, also known as True Wireless Stereo. If you would like to use two speakers to maximize the sound for your party, you can use another SANGEAN U4X to play music without distortion, gaps in sound, and a seamless experience.

Plus, throwing the party of the season doesn’t have to be the only time you use an outdoor speaker. From high-volume music around the pool for a large gathering to simple background noise while pulling weeds in the garden, your rugged outdoor speaker has plenty of uses in the summer that are worth the price.

Quality Outdoor Speakers Inspire More Days in the Sun

Between spending too much time on online devices and scrolling on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, more and more people find it difficult to spend enough time outside. 

Studies in 2017 and 2020 from Yale University and the Outdoor Foundation found that in our increasingly digital world, people are losing their connection with nature and staying indoors even in the gorgeous summer months. That’s why you should consider adding an outdoor music system for the patio with the SANGEAN U4X Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker. 

Creating a nice environment to motivate outside time is crucial to reforming your relationship with nature in the post-pandemic world, and bringing entertainment with you is a great way to ease into that connection. With an outdoor boombox, you can set the backdrop for your summer days and get inspired. 

Grab a blanket and your SANGEAN U4X digital radio to spend some time in the yard with the sun on your face, invite a friend or a neighbor over for some gardening time, or take a dip in the pool while listening to your favorite radio station.


Highlighting the SANGEAN U4X Ultra Rugged Dustproof and Waterproof Digital Radio

The SANGEAN U4X is more than just an outdoor boombox. It is a waterproof and dustproof battery-powered radio that is perfect for listening to music in even the most remote locations. The SANGEAN U4X comes with a high-powered lithium battery, which stands out from outdoor radio competitors and commonly comes with cheaply made or low-battery life charging batteries. 

The specifications of the SANGEAN U4X are also impressive, with sound quality that rivals other speakers on the market featuring high caliber bass, dual core design, volume, and audio quality. The U4X performs well even in loud environments and large spaces like parties and the outdoors. Even with the option to use two U4X speakers with the TWS speaker for seamless stereo listening. 


With the SANGEAN U4X, you can thoroughly enjoy your summer and maximize the remaining sunny days. Your barbecues, camping trips, pool parties, and beach days will always be filled with fun and music that sets the mood and adds to the atmosphere. There isn’t a better speaker for the outdoors like the SANGEAN U4X!

You can view the product listing here if you are interested in a SANGEAN U4X Ultra Rugged Dustproof and Waterproof Digital Radio. You can also contact your local shops for more details. Enjoy your outdoor activities with SANGEAN!